Let your energy flow again – with mindful touch

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Alexander Technique Cape Town

Barry Kantor

My name is Barry Kantor, and I have been teaching the Alexander Technique ever since I left a ‘traditional’ career in 1994, after qualifying as an Alexander Technique teacher in London. My commitment at Alexander Technique Cape Town is to help you to release old habits that may be hindering your health and personal development. This gentle yet extremely successful technique is designed to make you feel better, move better, and even look better.

Alexander Technique Cape Town is a caring place, created for you to experience the benefits of this remarkable technique. Alexander Technique is not a passive treatment, but a self-help tool you can learn to apply any where and any time. To find ways to move more easily, with greater lightness, and with freedom from discomforts and pain, contact me here.

The story of the Alexander Technique

F.M. Alexander was an actor who had a promising career before chronic laryngitis intervened that threatened his future. When doctors couldn’t find the cause of the problem, he set about finding a solution on his own. He spent a full decade in close self-examination of his movements and found that the source of his difficulties lay in his unconscious reactions to stress. Eventually, he was able to transform his unconscious ways of responding into a self-awareness that gave him more options and self-control. This not only cured him, it gave him freedom from pain and a lighter way of being.

This potential for personal development, ease, and self-knowledge can be life-changing to all of us.


Alexander Technique can release ingrained stress-patterns such as:

  • feelings of tightness
  • anxiety
  • reactivity

Alexander Technique can benefit long-term physical discomforts including:

  • niggling aches and pains
  • posture problems
  • destructive body-armouring, like ‘protecting’ yourself after an injury

Alexander Technique can release habitual obstacles to efficiency, like:

  • cutting off
  • inability to concentrate
  • single-pointed attention
  • being out of touch with your own body, your needs, yourself
  • emotional numbness

At Alexander Technique Cape Town you can get:

  • inner quiet and mental clarity
  • emotional maturity and personal resilience
  • ease, lightness, poise and a sense of flow
  • mindfulness and self-control
  • enhanced performances
  • self-understanding and acceptance
  • better communication and improved relationships
  • wholeness and integration
  • the ability to choose responses, releasing habitual behaviours and reactivity